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Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving & Reef:  

Coral reefs are the most biologically diverse marine eco-systems on earth, rivalled only by the tropical rainforests on land.

Corals grow over geologic time and have been in existence about 200 million years. Corals reached their current level of diversity 50 million years ago.

The food, tourism revenue, coastal protection and new medications that reefs provide are worth about $375 billion each year.

Coral reefs occupy less than one quarter of one percent of the earth's marine environment, yet they are home to more than a quarter of all known Fish species.


Welcome to an island off peninsular Malaysia, where the water is a calm Azure blue with up to 30mtrs visibility revealing brilliant coloured fish and coral reef. These are some of the top dive spots in Asia Pacific, which is where you get to do your first introduction to Scuba dive and probably many more.

The ‘world’ on land may be becoming a smaller place, but not underwater, here’s an opportunity to glimpse what 70% of your planet comprises of!

It takes only three days not counting air arrival and departure day to get fully certified as a PADI open water diver for life! You don’t have to dive off the deep end (literally) on your first couple of dives as they start with shore dives off the beach in clear blue, waist deep water. Once you’re comfortable with your equipment and breathing underwater while on your knees, you can slowly swim in circles and finally make your way deeper.

You need to be 10-years of age and above to become a junior open water diver and 15 for an open water diver. You don’t need to be a good swimmer but it’s recommended to be a swimmer and preferably not suffer from hydrophobia or ear- drum problems! You need carry nothing but your swimwear (and Sun block!) as all equipment is available on the island and rental is included in the price. If you don’t want to ‘dive’ right in then just sample an introduction to Scuba dive where you could request your own maximum depth though you wouldn’t be taken beyond 9mtrs anyway. An even tamer approach may be just to snorkel, there’s plenty to see right off the beach at what is defined as the ‘house reef’.

But nothing I write can replicate the experience, so you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Note: Before you decide to dive, please check out this link:


Courses Available:

  1. Introduction To Scuba (one dive)
  2. PADI Open Water (3 days)
  3. PADI Advanced Open water (2 days)
  4. PADI EFR-First Aid Course (1 day)
  5. PADI Rescue Course (3 days)
  6. PADI Dive Master (3 weeks)
  7. More courses available upon request.

Note: PADI certification is the world’s most popular Scuba diving organisation.

Island Scuba & Kuala Lumpur Combination:
Name & Code Duration Budget Economy Deluxe
Scuba Combo (SC-1) 4 nights & 5 days (3 island, 1 KL) 1440 1990 2590
Scuba Combo (SC-2) 5 nights & 6 days (4 island, 1 KL) 1630 2260 3000
Scuba Combo (SC-3) 6 nights & 7 days (5 island, I KL) 1800 2500 3420
To add an extra night in Kuala Lumpur 35 65 180
Nett prices in Malaysian Ringgits per person on twin sharing basis
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